Men Fashion Watches to Complete Your Gorgeous Look

Rather than treating it as a timepiece or a way to keep time. Watches are often appreciated as a collectible works of art or a valuable piece of jewelry. Originally, wristwatches are designed as decorative bracelets for women, men usually uses pocket watches. But wristwatches became in style among men during World War I, it was easier for the military to use them than a pocket watch. Since then, it became one of the most popular fashion accessories among men for decades.

History of these watches shows that the first wristwatch for men that was created is from Cartier and they called it the Santos, named after Alberto Santos-Dumont, a pilot who personally asked Cartier to lookingslick create a watch that he could use on his flights. Shortly after, the Santos became available for the public and just about every wrist watch manufacturer has made watches for men.

After creating several various markets for wristwatches, from the most expensive watches that serve mainly as personal adornment down to the most inexpensive but accurate watches mainly for its only purpose of telling the correct time. This became men fashion watches.

The conventional and appropriate men’s dress watches for formal, semi-formal and informal attire are gold, simple, thin, and bare. But recently men tends to fuse all their attire in one and the high cost has led to a belief among some that expensive rugged, complicated or sports watches are also dressy because of their high price. Some fashion watches have a gem or bead cut in convex form on the crown. Some are totally made out of facetted sapphire.

Another men fashion watches is called “geek” watches. They are watches that not only tell time but are also incorporated with some computer features, satellite navigation and many other functions that may be quite removed from the simple concept of timekeeping. There’s also the dual-time watch that is designed for travelers, it allows them to see what time it is at home when they are some place else.

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