Screen Printed Shirts

In today’s economy, “Screen printing” also known as “silk screening” is a fast and cost effective method of having your company logo, personal design or message, printed on a wide range of items! Some of the most common items that are utilized to advertise your church, company, family reunion, group, organization, point of view, school, sorority or university are: coffee cups, company t shirts, company logo shirts, koozie cups, pens or sweatshirts. In addition, of all the available promotional products that you can utilize to advertise your company and educate your customers about your brand name, screen printed t shirts are considered “the best economical source” for advertising your company’s logo, brand and message.

Let’s face it, there are so many businesses offering t-shirts to promote their company and products, but only attractive and well designed t-shirts are successful at garnishing the attention of your customers and prospects! And, that’s not all screen printed t shirts as promotional items are very innovative and have a special place in the world of advertisement as they are a “walking billboard” promoting your brand or business message. Let’s go over a few points that can help you to be successful launching your companies advertising campaign by utilizing silk screen printing in dubai printed t shirts with your company logo on them.


Think about it, of all the things you do to create brand image, creating your logo is one of the most important. I’m sure you’ll agree that, your logo is the key to building the identity and image of your company. To succeed, you must integrate your company logo and look right across every point of contact that your customers and prospects have with your company. This includes stationery design, website design and company logo shirts. In addition, company logo t-shirts promote brand loyalty and recognition. And, that’s not all; a company logo designed especially for your business can and will attract tremendous business to your company.

You know you have a successful logo when it conveys both the character and the nature of your business to the people who see it. How does one accomplish this with one little design?

1. Be concise with your designers. When you order your company logo design, give them a clear indication of the tone and style you’d like your logo to have.

2. Make sure they have a clear definition of your business and your clients.

3. Take time to ask them what they think would be best.

If you have yet to create your logo, get it done as soon as possible, and get it done by a professional. An amateur logo can hurt your business as much as a good one can help. As part of your overall company brand-building strategy, a good logo is a key piece of the puzzle.


Once your logo has been professionally designed you can begin the process to have your company logo t-shirts screen printed. Make sure that the company that has produced your logo produces the art into one of the following formats.

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