The Benefits of Emergency Home Assistance Cover

Imagine, it’s 3am Saturday morning and you are fast asleep after a night out and a few drinks with your friends. Your telephone rings, it’s your tenant panicking as a pipe has burst, water is spraying everywhere and they cannot turn off the water. You now have to wake-up pretty sharp and find a plumber local to your investment property who you can call out to your property and fix the problem.

Your tenant then spends the rest of the evening wading through gallons of water and you get an extortionate invoice from the plumber for the emergency call out.

Scenario 2: It’s 3am Saturday morning and you are fast asleep plumber near me after a night out and a few drinks with your friends. A water pipe bursts at your buy to let residential property and water is spraying everywhere. Your tenant picks up the telephone and calls the 24-hour helpline provided by the insurance policy, the dedicated call handlers advise your tenant how to minimise the damages and allocates an approved plumber who goes out, isolates the leak and repairs the pipe.

The pipe is fully repaired as the costs were similar to a temporary repair.

Your tenant is then transported to a local hotel / B&B and put up overnight as your property is flooded. The next day your tenant calls you to let you know what happened during the night. You report the flooding to your buildings insurer who arranges a loss adjuster to deal with the rest of the damages. There are no invoice’s from the emergency plumber or the hotel and your building’s insurers have things under control.

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